Sunday, December 15, 2013

A room tour before Christmas

At last I have settled in my new tiny room. It isn't quite as tiny as the rooms for one person. I visited the campus with my father in July and we made an agreement with the staff that I would get to live in a room for two on my own. This means that the room is not only bigger than the single rooms but I also have two chairs, two drawers, two closets and two beds.

Here is my door. As you can see I live in the room 210. On the left is the door to my flatmates room, on the right wall is the door to the hallway and our bathroom is behind the camera.

The curtains belong to the room too. They are not really my style, but I like how they brighten up the room when it's dark outside. The desk was originally under the window but I don't like facing a wall, so I moved it and put the chairs on the other side. The two drawers used to be at the end of my bed.

My bows and accessories are in the drawer by the bed. Lolita shoes I keep in boxes under my bed.

I have decorated my roses to look more festive.
My mother bought me that cute Christmas plant. It traveled here 4 hours in a bus with me.

My father lifted the other bed up when I moved here so I got space for my little wardrobe and clothing rack.

Between them I have two boxes full of crafting and knitting supplies and on top of the boxes I keep my huge luggage bag. I use the bag a lot because I visit my mother nearly every weekend.

I don't usually like wooden coloured furniture but I don't actually mind the colour of the drawers and the desk. The only things that bother me are the wooden parts of the white closets.
Those racks on the closet door are really handy for storing waist ties.

I still need to figure out how to get my dressfrom here. During these months I have realised how much I really need it for planning outfits and taking photos for reviews. Other than that, the room is very cozy and will serve well for the rest of the school year.

P.S. The fabric eating bugs might never go away but at least I can try to fight them with our cute vacuum cleaner.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: An outfit under 100€ //Outfit Post #19

I said the next post would be about my new room but I've wanted to take part in Lolita Blog Carnival's posts for a long time and this one I particularly liked. So here is an outfit that cost less than a 100€.

All the prices are from when I bought the pieces.
Headbow: from the skirt (0€)
Blouse: Bodyline (L277: 21€)
Bag: secondhand (~5€)
Skirt: Bodyline (L368: 36€)
Socks: Bodyline (socks427: 5€)
Shoes: Bodyline (shoes178: 21€)
All together: ~88€

Please, also checkout the outfits of the other participants.
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Outfit Post #18

I found some time to post between lessons and the internet seems to work a bit better at midday.

I haven't got to know people at school that well yet, so I've tried not to wear anything too bright and "childish".

On Tuesday I wore punk lolita.
Skirt: Bodyline (P197)
Socks: Bodyline (socks387 & socks503)
Shoes: Antaina (QutieLand)

On Wednesday I went for a softer look and accompanied my Fantastic Dolly replica with some punk elements. I think I should have worn the same shoes as on Tuesday but otherwise I'm really happy with the outcome. I even got compliments from people I hadn't talked with before.
Headband: Bodyline
Choker: F+F (w/ lace in the 5th pic)
Vest: Bodyline
Dress: DoL (QutieLand)

I'm still trying to figure out where to put all my stuff in my new room but it has started to feel like my own.
I am thinking of making a post about it for the next time.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

New place, slow internet

School has started and I am now living on my own for the first time in my life. This room I'm living in doesn't really feel like home yet. It's so strange to have to take the key with me every time I need to use the bathroom or to just get a glass of milk. The hardest thing to get used to is that dinner is at the school canteen so I can't just go to my room and study (or surf the internet) for hours after the last lesson and then eat something late in the evening because the dinner is always served at 5pm and you have to be out of the canteen by 5.30pm.

Strict eating schedule, of course, is not the reason I haven't been blogging in a while.  I've had enough time to write I just haven't been able to actually get the text out there because the free wi-fi at the campus is really bad. On top of that, last weekend my new laptop stopped connecting to the internet completely because Norton's free trial ended. Do not use it! Luckily I was able to remove the program with my brother's help and my laptop is working fine again.

This post would look really plain with just text in it, so here is a picture from my new room which still needs to be organized.
It took me 20 minutes just to upload this one picture, so don't expect me to post every other week like I believe to have promised. I will get a USB modem for my laptop as soon as I can afford it.


Friday, August 9, 2013

New layout

I got tired of the darkness of my blog so I decided to change it.
This is what the blog looked like before I made the changes.
I created the banner and the background using Paint.NET.
 The font is called "AR Berkley" and these are the pictures I used to make the banner.
The layout is very simple but the banner itself took me 5 hours to make so I hope you like it.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Outfit Post #17

I've been really busy packing, shopping for cooking utensils, visiting my future campus and other necessary things I need to do before I can start my life as an independent student.

Naturally I haven't worn much lolita or fairy kei but since I have taken snapshots of some of my "normal" outfits I thought I could show them to you.

Shirt: H&M
White top under it: H&M
Jeans: Seppälä

My mother says that the shirt is too fancy for daily wear but as a lolita I beg to differ.
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Seppälä
Shoes: H&M

This outfit I wore when I went out to play badminton.
 Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M

Most of my lolita clothes are already packed but I hadn't worn lolita in 5 weeks so I wanted to wear at least something casual yesterday.
Skirt: F+F
Socks: Bodyline 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome to my room

Like I have mentioned before my room has gone through small changes so there are going to be some before and after photos. The new photos are brighter so they should be easy to recognize.
 This is the first thing you can see when you step into the room.

My smaller hair accessories  I keep in my desk's drawers on the left whereas necklaces, bracelets and rings I have placed in the keyboard drawer.

I have recently moved my dressform to the other side of the desk and put a beanbag on it's place.
This is where I usually studied for the matriculation exams.

 I have taken down a couple posters and put word lists next to the beanbag.

 My boleros and hoodies I've hung up on my door.

 I got rid of the taller closet/bookshelf and bought that small cabinet for my t-shirts.
I store my headbows in the drawer of the closet I kept.

 I keep all of my skirts, dresses, blouses and vests on this clothing rack.

I don't have much on my bed.

The "other side" of the desk.

I used to have a real nightstand opposite the bed but now there is only the drawer.
As you may have seen in one of the previous photos the nightstand is now here.

 Now that the room post is finally done I can start packing for moving to a tiny furnished student apartment.
I am going to miss my beautiful room but I should be able to rent an apartment of my own in two years.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Outfit Post #16

The room post will be up next Tuesday.
Here's a few outfits from last week.
Headbow: BtSSB
Dress: Hell Bunny
Socks: Bodyline (socks373)
Shoes: BtSSB

Dress: Bodyline (L257)
Shoes: Bodyline

 Headbow: from the skirt
Skirt: Bodyline (L404)
Petticoat: Bodyline (acc029)
Shoes: Bodyline

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Future plans, Outfit Post #15 & more...

Ironically I got a letter from one of the schools the day after I wrote about having applied to them and a day after that I got a letter from another school. The second school I got a letter from gives education on visual marketing which basically means decorating shops, photo shoot settings, magazines etc. Although, I am very interested in that kind of things I decided to choose the first school. In that school I will be studying English linguistics. Linguistics isn't really a subject through which I could easily get the kind of job I would like to have (not that I really know what I want to do in the future) but I figured that the contacts I would get at the other school wouldn't really help me that much because I am planning to move abroad next year. Also, the tuition fee of the school I decided to go to includes a trip to a country which is right next to the country I wish to move to. I have been thinking about starting to write a separate blog about moving and living abroad so I might give you a link to that in a future post.

While I'm still living in Finland I need a new night lamp so I went shopping in this classic lolita outfit last week.
Big rose on my head: Bodyline
Small roses around it: H&M
Skirt: Innocent World
Socks: QutieLand /Antaina?
Shoes: H&M

I found this adorable table lamp but I couldn't decide whether to get it in black or white.
The white one would camouflage better on my nightstand/drawer and it also looks cuter but the black one could work as a piece of decoration. Here is an older picture of my room if you would like to share your opinion in the comments. The drawer can't be seen that well in the photo but it's on the right next to the table.
 I have moved some of my furniture after taking the picture. The drawers are now facing towards the wall so the wooden parts aren't as visible anymore and the camera stand and the black billboard are no longer on it. The Hello Kitty balloon has also found a new location on the other side of the room.
I bought the black one.

Speaking of furniture, I should make a room tour post before I start packing for moving out.
I am going to be busy this week so I won't be able to make a long room post for next Tuesday but I'll see if I can make it by the 2nd of July.