Thursday, August 28, 2014

My third QutieLand order

Making times on QutieLand are often very long and this time wasn't an exception.
I placed the order before Christmas but I didn't receive the items until late May.

Clicking on stock photos will take you to the items on QutieLand's website
 and the photos that I have taken will take you to the full reviews of the items.

I didn't plan on ordering anything but when I saw this Infanta dress I started planning an order.

Along with Infanta's Rose Cathedral OP, I got Dream of Lolita's Kitten Embroidery JSK,
which I had been eyeing ever since I first visited the website.

Lastly, I decided that I should buy a proper petticoat since I never seem to get any of my sewing projects finished. I was torn between different Classical Puppets petticoats for a few weeks but I figured that the "Daily A-Shape" would be the most practical one and I could always wear another petticoat with it if a skirt needed more volume.

Originally, I was supposed to fly to Ireland tomorrow but I changed the flight to next week's Friday so I'll have time to write reviews before I leave Finland. My next blog post, on the other hand, is going to be written in Ireland. It might take a while until I get internet, so I don't know when I'll be able to write but I hope it won't take as long as it took to publish the previous post. :)


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Preparing for a new chapter & Outfit Post #22

Summer is gone and I have too much to post about. I had planned on doing so much more this summer but all of my plans were ruined. After my trip I had to think it all over and forget about writing for a while. At several occasions I tried to make myself write something  but I didn't want to act as if nothing had happened but I didn't want to explain yet either. If you want to know the reason I haven't been posting, I have already mentioned it here.

The trip to Britain was a success but now I find it too late to post about it, and I feel like it's something I should post about on my other blog because I have decided that from now on this blog will be entirely about clothes and other cute things. I will begin to write about my life in general in "Project Ireland" instead.

Now to start the new chapter in the life of my blog,
I have a few outfits I have been meaning to show you.

Firstly, I bought my first "normal" dress in 10 years.
The tights I found on my trip to Britain.  :)
Dress: Seppälä
Tights: Primark
Shoes: H&M

The second outfit I built around my newest Bodyline shirt.
Headband: Bodyline (ACC1197)
Shirt: Bodyline (L536)
Skirt: Bodyline (L368)
Socks: Bodyline (socks373)
Shoes: Bodyline (shoes178)

And thirdly, I quickly matched some pieces together for grocery shopping.
Necklace: Bodyline
Skirt: Bodyline (L303)
Shoes: Bodyline

After a little over two weeks I will be in Ireland. I cannot take all of my clothes with me in a suitcase, which means that I will have to buy new pieces in order to wear lolita, before I get everything sent as cargo on Christmas holiday. I will take as many photos as possible before leaving, so that I can still write reviews on  some of the items I need to leave behind.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bodyline order review

I didn't realise I would be so busy on Easter holiday that I would not be able to post. Moreover, the internet at the school didn't work when I came back so, when I finally had time to write, I simply couldn't publish the post. Also, I won't be at home much for the next couple of weeks because I am going to go on a school trip. In other words, I won't be able to take any photos for the reviews on the items yet. :(

I ordered the items from Bodyline on the 22nd of March and the parcel arrived at the post office on the 3rd of April. Stock photos will take you to the items on Bodyline's website and I will add links to the full reviews of the items below the pictures as soon as I get enough pictures taken.
For the first time, everything I got from Bodyline was looked exactly as I thought.

I haven't really had a proper summer dress so I got this JSK in yellow.

The second item that caught my attention was this cutsew in pink.
L536, review here
I have previously ordered some cutsews from Bodyline but the shade of the pink on those has been awfully dark. The colour of this cutsew, on the other hand, is perfectly pale.

Lastly, I added this little headband in pik-owh to the cart.
Again, the shade of pink is perfect unlike the other headbands' I've got from Bodyline.

Fortunately, school will be over after I come back from the trip so I will have more time and energy to update the blog. Until then, please follow my yet utterly boring blog about moving abroad.
I will probably start writing that more after the trip too. ^_^


Friday, April 4, 2014

Shopping & Outfit Post #21

I went shopping a few weeks ago and found some really cute clothes.
The shirt and tights on the left are from a supermarket and everything on the right is from H&M.

I love the new shirt and skirt from H&M so I had to wear them right away.
Necklace: F+F
Loose black shirt: H&M
(white tank top: H&M)
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: H&M

I seem to have a lot of clothes from H&M.
I didn't wear a single piece of clothing from them when I was shopping though.
Hair accessories: Bodyline & F+F
Jacket: F+F
Skirt: Bodyline

I was really excited to finally wear the jacket.
I've actually had it for a couple of years but I just hadn't got to making it smaller until now.

Lastly, here is an outfit I wore today to get a Bodyline order from the post office.
The shirt has now been washed and the black fabric on the back didn't bleed at all. :)
Next time (in 2 weeks) I will post about the clothes I got.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

New clothes from Yesstyle

Having half of my clothes in my dorm room and half at my mother's apartment, it took me some time to get pictures of everything. Nevertheless, most of the clothes are still for sale on Yesstyle, so this post is not too late.

I don't usually like anything with a flag on it but the colour choices on this shirt really appeal to me.
Those light purple spots weren't on the white cross before I washed the shirt.
 Worn in my previous post.

This super cute t-shirt by JSG doesn't seem to be available anymore.
I haven't washed it yet so I don't know if the black fabric on the back will stain the shirt.
EDIT 4/4/2014: It didn't. :)
Also worn in my previous post.

This hoodie by Rina is my new favourite.

This shirt is absolutely beautiful under jumperskirts.
The washing tag was originally white but the shirt coloured it in the first wash.

 I wasn't sure if I should order this shirt but I thought it could be nice for winter.
It's quite difficult to get the sleeves fall nicely.

Lastly, I got this gorgeous necklace.
It was packed in a beautiful little box.

I am more than happy with everything I ordered except for the last shirt.
The clothes are really accurate to the stock photos but obviously run a little smaller on me.

I will make sure to make my next post sooner. I have most of it done already so it should be up in two weeks. And I shouldn't need to have long pauses between posts this spring because I am expecting a couple orders to arrive next month and have some other plans too. :)