Saturday, March 22, 2014

New clothes from Yesstyle

Having half of my clothes in my dorm room and half at my mother's apartment, it took me some time to get pictures of everything. Nevertheless, most of the clothes are still for sale on Yesstyle, so this post is not too late.

I don't usually like anything with a flag on it but the colour choices on this shirt really appeal to me.
Those light purple spots weren't on the white cross before I washed the shirt.
 Worn in my previous post.

This super cute t-shirt by JSG doesn't seem to be available anymore.
I haven't washed it yet so I don't know if the black fabric on the back will stain the shirt.
EDIT 4/4/2014: It didn't. :)
Also worn in my previous post.

This hoodie by Rina is my new favourite.

This shirt is absolutely beautiful under jumperskirts.
The washing tag was originally white but the shirt coloured it in the first wash.

 I wasn't sure if I should order this shirt but I thought it could be nice for winter.
It's quite difficult to get the sleeves fall nicely.

Lastly, I got this gorgeous necklace.
It was packed in a beautiful little box.

I am more than happy with everything I ordered except for the last shirt.
The clothes are really accurate to the stock photos but obviously run a little smaller on me.

I will make sure to make my next post sooner. I have most of it done already so it should be up in two weeks. And I shouldn't need to have long pauses between posts this spring because I am expecting a couple orders to arrive next month and have some other plans too. :)



  1. Eep that British flag is really cute! Especially the raglan (I think they are called sleeves?)
    I have a fashion blog too, would you like to follow each other? ^_^

    1. I quite like the sleeves a lot too.
      And sure, we can follow each other. :)