Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outfit Post #11

I haven't worn lolita for almost 4 months because I've tried to concentrate on studying
so I decided to brighten up my day by dressing up.
Headbow, necklace & skirt: Bodyline
Everything else: off brand

 My hair has grown a lot since the previous outfit post. It's nearly the length I want it to be. :)

And now I have to head back to my study corner. I might make a room post some day so you could see where I spend most of my time.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some changes & new reviews

Remember when I said I won't make any reviews until the first exams are over? Me neither.
The first exam is on Friday and I've spent the entire morning taking photos and writing reviews.
I will publish a new review every now and then.

I've been planning to change my reviews page to be more like a wardrobe page.
I have already made a Bodyline skirts page and I will continue to create more pages like that as soon as I get enough clothes to do so.