Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bodyline order review

I didn't realise I would be so busy on Easter holiday that I would not be able to post. Moreover, the internet at the school didn't work when I came back so, when I finally had time to write, I simply couldn't publish the post. Also, I won't be at home much for the next couple of weeks because I am going to go on a school trip. In other words, I won't be able to take any photos for the reviews on the items yet. :(

I ordered the items from Bodyline on the 22nd of March and the parcel arrived at the post office on the 3rd of April. Stock photos will take you to the items on Bodyline's website and I will add links to the full reviews of the items below the pictures as soon as I get enough pictures taken.
For the first time, everything I got from Bodyline was looked exactly as I thought.

I haven't really had a proper summer dress so I got this JSK in yellow.

The second item that caught my attention was this cutsew in pink.
L536, review here
I have previously ordered some cutsews from Bodyline but the shade of the pink on those has been awfully dark. The colour of this cutsew, on the other hand, is perfectly pale.

Lastly, I added this little headband in pik-owh to the cart.
Again, the shade of pink is perfect unlike the other headbands' I've got from Bodyline.

Fortunately, school will be over after I come back from the trip so I will have more time and energy to update the blog. Until then, please follow my yet utterly boring blog about moving abroad.
I will probably start writing that more after the trip too. ^_^


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