Thursday, September 12, 2013

Outfit Post #18

I found some time to post between lessons and the internet seems to work a bit better at midday.

I haven't got to know people at school that well yet, so I've tried not to wear anything too bright and "childish".

On Tuesday I wore punk lolita.
Skirt: Bodyline (P197)
Socks: Bodyline (socks387 & socks503)
Shoes: Antaina (QutieLand)

On Wednesday I went for a softer look and accompanied my Fantastic Dolly replica with some punk elements. I think I should have worn the same shoes as on Tuesday but otherwise I'm really happy with the outcome. I even got compliments from people I hadn't talked with before.
Headband: Bodyline
Choker: F+F (w/ lace in the 5th pic)
Vest: Bodyline
Dress: DoL (QutieLand)

I'm still trying to figure out where to put all my stuff in my new room but it has started to feel like my own.
I am thinking of making a post about it for the next time.


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