Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome to my room

Like I have mentioned before my room has gone through small changes so there are going to be some before and after photos. The new photos are brighter so they should be easy to recognize.
 This is the first thing you can see when you step into the room.

My smaller hair accessories  I keep in my desk's drawers on the left whereas necklaces, bracelets and rings I have placed in the keyboard drawer.

I have recently moved my dressform to the other side of the desk and put a beanbag on it's place.
This is where I usually studied for the matriculation exams.

 I have taken down a couple posters and put word lists next to the beanbag.

 My boleros and hoodies I've hung up on my door.

 I got rid of the taller closet/bookshelf and bought that small cabinet for my t-shirts.
I store my headbows in the drawer of the closet I kept.

 I keep all of my skirts, dresses, blouses and vests on this clothing rack.

I don't have much on my bed.

The "other side" of the desk.

I used to have a real nightstand opposite the bed but now there is only the drawer.
As you may have seen in one of the previous photos the nightstand is now here.

 Now that the room post is finally done I can start packing for moving to a tiny furnished student apartment.
I am going to miss my beautiful room but I should be able to rent an apartment of my own in two years.


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