Sunday, December 15, 2013

A room tour before Christmas

At last I have settled in my new tiny room. It isn't quite as tiny as the rooms for one person. I visited the campus with my father in July and we made an agreement with the staff that I would get to live in a room for two on my own. This means that the room is not only bigger than the single rooms but I also have two chairs, two drawers, two closets and two beds.

Here is my door. As you can see I live in the room 210. On the left is the door to my flatmates room, on the right wall is the door to the hallway and our bathroom is behind the camera.

The curtains belong to the room too. They are not really my style, but I like how they brighten up the room when it's dark outside. The desk was originally under the window but I don't like facing a wall, so I moved it and put the chairs on the other side. The two drawers used to be at the end of my bed.

My bows and accessories are in the drawer by the bed. Lolita shoes I keep in boxes under my bed.

I have decorated my roses to look more festive.
My mother bought me that cute Christmas plant. It traveled here 4 hours in a bus with me.

My father lifted the other bed up when I moved here so I got space for my little wardrobe and clothing rack.

Between them I have two boxes full of crafting and knitting supplies and on top of the boxes I keep my huge luggage bag. I use the bag a lot because I visit my mother nearly every weekend.

I don't usually like wooden coloured furniture but I don't actually mind the colour of the drawers and the desk. The only things that bother me are the wooden parts of the white closets.
Those racks on the closet door are really handy for storing waist ties.

I still need to figure out how to get my dressfrom here. During these months I have realised how much I really need it for planning outfits and taking photos for reviews. Other than that, the room is very cozy and will serve well for the rest of the school year.

P.S. The fabric eating bugs might never go away but at least I can try to fight them with our cute vacuum cleaner.


  1. Wow you are tidy and organzied much more than me. PS your vaccuum gave me horrifying teletubbie flashbacks lol

    1. Well, my room is not normally that tidy but I do like to keep my drawers and closets organised. I think the vaccuum cleaner matches well with my clothes, haha :)