Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Future plans, Outfit Post #15 & more...

Ironically I got a letter from one of the schools the day after I wrote about having applied to them and a day after that I got a letter from another school. The second school I got a letter from gives education on visual marketing which basically means decorating shops, photo shoot settings, magazines etc. Although, I am very interested in that kind of things I decided to choose the first school. In that school I will be studying English linguistics. Linguistics isn't really a subject through which I could easily get the kind of job I would like to have (not that I really know what I want to do in the future) but I figured that the contacts I would get at the other school wouldn't really help me that much because I am planning to move abroad next year. Also, the tuition fee of the school I decided to go to includes a trip to a country which is right next to the country I wish to move to. I have been thinking about starting to write a separate blog about moving and living abroad so I might give you a link to that in a future post.

While I'm still living in Finland I need a new night lamp so I went shopping in this classic lolita outfit last week.
Big rose on my head: Bodyline
Small roses around it: H&M
Skirt: Innocent World
Socks: QutieLand /Antaina?
Shoes: H&M

I found this adorable table lamp but I couldn't decide whether to get it in black or white.
The white one would camouflage better on my nightstand/drawer and it also looks cuter but the black one could work as a piece of decoration. Here is an older picture of my room if you would like to share your opinion in the comments. The drawer can't be seen that well in the photo but it's on the right next to the table.
 I have moved some of my furniture after taking the picture. The drawers are now facing towards the wall so the wooden parts aren't as visible anymore and the camera stand and the black billboard are no longer on it. The Hello Kitty balloon has also found a new location on the other side of the room.
I bought the black one.

Speaking of furniture, I should make a room tour post before I start packing for moving out.
I am going to be busy this week so I won't be able to make a long room post for next Tuesday but I'll see if I can make it by the 2nd of July.

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