Sunday, June 5, 2016

Disney shopping in London

As said in the previous post, I wanted to get more tsum tsum things in London. We were so focused on hunting tsum tsum that we didn't go shopping in any other stores than Disney Stores and toy stores that sell tsum tsum. :P

During the whole trip, we visited three different Disney Stores. The first store we went into was the store on Oxford Street.

The Oxford Street store is the first Disney Store I've ever been to, and I didn't remember it being so beautiful from the inside.

The following day we went to the Disney Store in Westfield. My camera decided to focus on the window on the right, so unfortunately the picture I have of the store isn't that great. I really loved the little glass balls around the whole store with toys and pictures of Disney characters in them.

On our second day we also had a quick visit to the small store in Covent Garden.
 The staff in the store was much friendlier than in any of the other Disney Stores in London. One of the staff members even recommended a 'secret' cocktail bar, but we don't drink, so we didn't test the place.

 I almost completely missed the Mickey decoration in the corner. I only saw it when we were leaving the store.

And here's what we got:
I always keep a bottle of water in my bag when I go out, so when I saw the tsum tsum bottle in Dublin I knew I had to get it. When I finally decided to go buy it they didn't have it anymore, so I had to get it on our trip to London. I also decided to get the travel fork and spoon to keep in my bag for lunch.
 I wasn't going to buy anything else, but later in another store I decided to get the Winnie the Pooh bowl for ice cream, and my boyfriend encouraged me to get the cups to go with it.

My boyfriend wanted to get the Captain America tsum tsum after we watched the latest movie but, they didn't have any of them left in the Dublin store, so we had another reason to visit Disney Stores in London. He ended up getting the Iron Man tsum on our second day to have a friend for Captain America.


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