Monday, May 23, 2016

Wearing lolita again and tsum tsums

Exams and assignment are over! That marks the end of my second year of studies here in Dublin.
To celebrate the end of exams I wore lolita for the first time in over a year. I do not have any flat black lolita shoes, so I tried to excuse wearing normal shoes by wearing my punk style jacket with the dress.
Headband: Rococo Soul 
Dress: Bodyline

As you may notice from the picture, I now have short hair. :) I got my hair cut shorter last summer and at the start of this year I got it cut even shorter. It has grown quite a bit since then. It was actually too short three months ago, but it's a good length now. I've had long hair since the start of this blog, but right now I'm much happier with shorter hair.

In other news, I've been visiting the Disney Store at least once a week, so naturally we have collected a few tsum tsums. We don't buy that many tsum tsums because we only get the ones that we really like. We currently own 10 tsum tsums, and we've bought two for my mother as well.
These are the lastest additions to our little collection. I went to the Disney Store with my boyfriend the day they released the new Alice set and I got myself three tsums from the collection. We went there again later that week when they were having a sale and got a medium Donald and a regular Piglet for my mum. The Piglet on the left is one we got from Paris last year. My mother loved it so much when I took it to Finland with me last Christmas that I had to get her her own Piglet.

I will make a post about all of the tsum tsums we have after I get back from my trip. I went to Finland alone for Easter, but today I'm flying there with my boyfriend. We are staying in Finland until the end of this week and on Sunday we are going to London for two nights. Hopefully we'll get to add more tsum tsums to our collection from London!


  1. That outfit is really cute, you look so adorable! ♡
    The whole thing with the sneakers works really nicely. ^_^

    I'm happy you're wearing lolita again and the school year is over. Oh my! If I only had an access to a Disney store, well my wallet wouldn't like it at all x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you!^^

      Yeah, it really adds up when you buy "just" a few little things every time you go to a Disney Store. :D

  2. Love TsumTsum! There are loads of tsumtsum goods at many stores here @u@

    1. They are slowly starting to sell more tsum tsum goods here. I didn't even know they were selling tsum tsums in normal toy stores until I went on a hunt for the original small Winnie the Pooh. For some reason they were keeping them in the video games section. :D