Monday, April 18, 2016

White shoes from Bodyline, s522

As soon as I say I haven't been busy I get busy... I completely forgot I was going to go to Finland for two weeks and had to finish an assignment by the following Monday from when I was flying back to Dublin. That assignment is now done and I have a ton of other assignments waiting to be done.

But, here is the promised new lolita post. :) I felt like I needed a pair of white shoes to wear with sweet lolita because I've gotten into a bit more into a toned down classic look, rather than the pink and bright look that I previously preferred. So, a while back, before my trip to Finland, I ordered a pair of shoes from Bodyline. I actually forgot I had ordered them and was confused when my boyfriend told me that my shoes have arrived.

Because I forgot I ordered them I don't remember how long exactly it took for them to arrive, but it was at least over two weeks since I had time to visit Finland before I got them.

I had been looking at the s507 shoes for over a year and wanted to get them, but after a long consideration I got the s522 instead. My boyfriend isn't much taller than me, so flat shoes are better.
I had ordered four pairs of shoes from Bodyline before. Only the first two came in boxes, so I was happy to see that I got a box again with my 5th shoe order. The new box is slightly smaller and darker in colour than the other two boxes I got before. But the other two boxes are too big for the shoes, so I think their new shoe boxes are much better.

The shoes fit me perfectly, but I think they curve up a bit too much at the front, which makes them look a bit silly to me when looking at them from the side. I will write a more detailed review on the shoes later as usual.

I also got my first wrist cuffs in the same order.

I'm still struggling to be happy with the look of my blog, so I'll have to do something about it again once I'm done with all of the assignments. And hopefully I'll have time to wear lolita again soon. I still haven't gone out of the house in lolita since I moved here. I saw some lolitas in the city a few weeks back though. I wished I had been wearing lolita that day. :D


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