Friday, March 11, 2016

It's been too long

The longer I wait to make a new post, the harder it will be to get started with it. I haven't even been wearing lolita since I moved to Ireland. I've only put on the new Infanta dress twice at home and taken pictures of it. I never "quit" lolita, it just kind of happened, and then I became scared to get back into it again. (I actually bought three new dresses last year, never worn) And I've also been scared to come back to my blog and see how it looks. I certainly need to update the layout. :D

I am going to get back into lolita and wearing cute clothes in general. I used to wear skirts or dresses every day in upper secondary, but now I have been wearing mostly just black jeans. Setting up lights and cameras in lolita would not do good to the clothes, and it might cause huge hazards to everyone when I'd knock over everything with my skirts, so... wearing lolita to college does, unfortunately, not work for me. And on my spare time I've mostly been at home and gone out for quick shops to get food in whatever I could find in the pile of shirts I had on my couch.

I will get back to making proper lolita/cute posts next week. I hope this post made at least a little bit of sense. :P I'm writing this in a hurry before going out to shop with my boyfriend (I have a boyfriend now??!?!?!?!?) to get it finally out of the way. I might come back to this post and edit it later, but now I have to get dressed and go out!

 I don't like leaving posts without images, so here's a little picture of cute tights I found here. I could never find anything this cute in Finland.

EDIT 11pm: I couldn't leave the blog looking as it did, so I made a new banner. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but I feel more comfortable with the colours now. I spent so much time adjusting the brightness and contrast of the image, and it still doesn't quite match the text. I'll probably remake the text layer with a different font for the banner some day, but for now I'll just leave the text as it was in the old one. :)

The old banner and colours.

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