Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orders from Adambeauty and Yesstyle

I ordered this Lavshuca mascara from Adambeauty on the 13th of April and I expected to get an email from them confirming the order or letting me know when the item has been shipped but I heard nothing from them. Suddenly on the 25th of April I got mail from the post office saying that my packet has arrived.
stock photo
Since I have only recently started to familiarize myself with make up here is a review on the mascara written by someone who knows more about beauty products than I do.
I might add some pictures of my own later.

I ordered from Yesstyle on the 18th of April. The estimated shipping time was May 2, but I already got an email on the 26th of April saying that the items have been shipped and so the package arrived at my door on the 29th of April.
The box had a bad smell on it which made cough.

I wouldn't have ordered from Yesstyle if it wasn't for this JK2 dress that I wanted for my graduation party.
stock photo

The skirt is not as puffy worn as in the stock photos but I think I can fix that with a little bit of starch.
The dress came with shoulder straps but unfortunately the other one cannot be attached to the dress because it's missing one of the loop thingies.

I don't really have hats to wear in the winter and this was rather cheap so I decided to get it. The hat is from a brand called WIWI but it's no longer available.
stock photo
 I'm not surprised that the pockets are too high for me.

Last but certainly not least I got these super cute HVBAO shoes.
stock photo
I got a free pair of extra shoelaces with the order.
There was something inside the other shoe.
The shoes too had a bad smell on them so they are going to have to wait a couple days or weeks on the balcony before I can start wearing them.
I was afraid that the shoes would be too big because the black sneakers I've written about in the two previous posts are slightly loose but the sole of the HVBAO shoes is actually one centimeter shorter.
They are about the same size as the H&M shoes in the previous post.
All of the shoes are supposed to be European size 41.

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