Thursday, May 18, 2017

Where to start?

As unfortunate as it is, I haven't felt as comfortable wearing lolita in Ireland as I did back in Finland and it really shows in the level of inactivity on this blog. I never even got to making an order post on the dress in the outfit photo from May last year. That red Bodyline dress was ordered along with the same dress in pink and the pink Bodyline dress I wore to Hellocon.

I never intended to wear any of the three dresses as they came, but with the Hellocon outfit I didn't have enough time to alter the dress for my liking, since the decision to go was so sudden.
The other two dresses on the other hand I did alter by cutting off the ruffle in the middle part of the skirt.

If my old photos are to be trusted I received the order back in June 2015 and never wore any of the items until the red dress in May 2016. In addition to the three dresses mentioned, I got three blouses in different colours.

I wanted to get back to blogging quickly because I used to love doing it, so I'm leaving the blouses for another post. And as a little update on the promised post on my tsum tsums: WE ARE MOVING COUNTRY, so the tsum tsums are all packed away, but I will see if I can take them out for some photos.


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