Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back again with Outfit Post #8

I had to skip two posts because school started and there's just been so much going on since it's already my last year of upper secondary school (or senior high). I'm really nervous about the matriculation examination because I have "only" 20 weeks to prepare for the exams.

All of my friends are very calm and saying that there's still plenty of time to study but if you really think about it I'm going to have 6 exams and I have about 5 books to study for each subject which means that I should read at least two books per week (and try to remember everything) to have enough time to read the important chapters again before the exams. And of course I have to go to school and do my homework too.

It's not just school that's draining my energy but also the things I wasn't able to do before school started. For example I don't have pretty much any clothes 'cause most of my clothes are lolita and I still don't have a good petticoat. That's also one of the reasons I haven't posted here.

I'll try to start posting again so here's an outfit I wore on the first school day.
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: Antaina
Everything else: off brand

Oh, and I got the order I talked about here.
I had ordered a pair of socks and I've written a review about them.
I didn't have much to write since they weren't the colour I had ordered. :(


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